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clear-keyboard.sh Fixing some array issues Sep 15, 2018
gradient.sh Fixing comments in the script Sep 15, 2018
qcloud.sh Updated API calls to reflect latest local call formatting, as of .beta-8 Jul 24, 2018


Bash scripts

Tested with a Das Keyboard 5Q on a Windows 10 machine using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Ubuntu bash command line.

  • clear-keyboard.sh - Crush, kill, and destroy all local Q signals. Handy for deleting local signals quickly, since the Signal Center won't allow you to unset those via the "Delete All".
  • gradient.sh - Set a color gradient on the keyboard. Defaults to going from red to blue, but accepts arguments.
  • qcloud.sh - Check to see if the cloud API is available. If not, make the Q key breathe red.


  • curl is used to invoke the Q API
  • bc is sometimes used for calculations
  • If you have a 50Q, you'll need to change the PID in the script to match


  • Fix long-running piping of content to bc
  • Fix clearing the spacebar when incorrectly setting a blank zoneId