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This is based on (which is in turn based on ) but it is in python instead of js (instead of lisp), and other things are different.

Whatever licencing that I am obligated to apply to this because of this being partially based on that applies.

However, its in a different programming language, and most of it will be changed, so I don't know how much that is.

This is some parser. Or, rather, now it also includes an interpreter, which works both interactively and with a file . My intent is to use it for another thing later. (it is a sekret to everyone).

My previous tokenizing things have been sloppy, which is why I am trying to do it right, instead of using my old tokenizing stuff.

I'm not 100% sure that I'm able to grant you license to this, because I couldn't find a license on , and this is at least so far mainly a translation of that to python.

So, take caution with regards to that.

Assuming I can, I will probably eventually release this under some version of the gpl.


To use this in its current state, run To use it in interactive mode, just run . To use it to run another program, put the program filename (including path if neccesary) as the command line argument. should be in the same folder as the other files to work right.

If you want to make a file run with this on a unixlike os, that works with the hashbang thing have the first line of the program be #! followed by something that gives where is, and then you should be able to run the program by just running it. Like, just typing in ./example1.howl for example. Look at example1.howl to see what I mean.


This is based on but it is in python instead, and other things are different.



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