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7Bee is a scripting program with main purpose to execute project building scripts. However it isn't limited to the purpose yet and can be used for any other tasks where a scripting language makes sense. 7Bee scripting language is a mark up languages syntax based, so a learning curve can be reasonably short. Read more about 7Bee scripting language under doc directory for the project.

Getting started

Being GitHub project, 7Bee doesn't offer binaries so they should be built. 7Bee is a self building tool, however if you build it first time, you need bootstrap it. You can use either bootstrap or bootstrap.bat accordingly your platform. Needless to remind that 7Bee is Java application so you have to have Java version 7 or better installed. The Linux bootstrap script is more advanced and you need just run it and proceed with instructions. The Windows script may require adjust JDK path and also download JSCH and place it in 3rdparty\jsch\lib\. bee.jar will be created in lib directory after running bootstrap. However before using 7Bee, it is recommended to install it.


Obtain administrator privileges of your platform. sudo can be used on Linux, or cmd as Administrator on Windows. Type

java -jar ./lib/bee.jar install


java -jar .\lib\bee.jar install

Note that if you are on Linux/Mac/FreeBSD, then bootstrap script will offer you an installation. You will be prompted few simple questions, you can just use default answers. Keep attention only to JDK root directory on WIndows systems. If your platform is Windows, then it is recommended to add 7Bee installation bin directory in your SYSTEM path. Just change Windows environment to add the path as the installation script advises. Now you should be able to launch bee command and execute build scripts without limitations.