Web interfaced musicl juke box for Raspberry Pi
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Web interfaced music juke box for Raspberry Pi

Features set

  1. Auto scan local and remote storage for music file and store them in database with separated type, quality, year, genre, album, artist, composer, song, duration, tags, and original location
  2. Manually adding directories or songs in the database above
  3. Create playlists (static)
  4. Create playlist ad hoc by query or wizard driven
  5. Add songs to static playlists
  6. Navigate over file system with filtering
  7. Play playlist in modes sequential, random, repeat
  8. Edit song tags with corresponding DB record update
  9. Support formats MP3, WAV, WV(ISO), FLAC, APE, AAC, DSD, OGG in quality up to 32bits/192,000 (when applied) and DSDx64, DSDx128
  10. Break down album FLAC/APE/WV upon CUE sheet
  11. Support search back, forward, skip in individual or list playback
  12. Displaying playback progress
  13. Show song/album artwork
  14. Research on net for song, album, artist details
  15. Adding new songs by uploading and other ways
  16. Collaborative editing dynamic party playlist (no one software provides the feature yet)


  1. MediaChest/MediaUtil media format library
  2. WebBee rapid web application building blocks
  3. TJWS
  4. Java 8


Music - Barrel has released. Download it from https://sourceforge.net/projects/musicbarrel/files/music-barrel/1.01/ in appropriate packaging.

It is also available as a paid app at