Makefile conflicts with dpkgbuildpackage #18

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When trying to compile the source package with the Git repository overlapped I get a compile error from the dh helper scripts. When I remove the Makefile the error is gone and the deb package builds correctly. If I execute the makefile directly it works fine too, but I don't get the deb file from it.

Would be nice if someone could have a look at it.

I'm using apt-src build libapache2-mod-upload-progress for invokation. To prepare:

  • Enable Squeeze sources in sources.list (Lenny doesn't have the package at all)
  • cd /directory/where/you/want/to/have/the/source/files
  • apt-src install libapache2-mod-upload-progress
  • git clone tmp
  • Move all contents from the Git repository over the directory with the source package
  • cd out of the source directory if necessary
  • apt-src build libapache2-mod-upload-progress (will fail, unless the Makefile is removed from the source directory)

Anyone some idea on how to make the Makefile compatible with dpkgbuildpackage?


Further digging showed that the $(CFLAGS) provvided in the Makefile aren't accepted by apxs2 when called from dh_auto_install. Unfortutnally trying to provide proper CFLAGS through -Wc, and -Wl,LIBDIR caused the resulting .deb file to break Apache.

The error message from apxs2 is "Unknown option -O" and the same repeated for "-2". -g (generate debug symbols) is misinterpreted as "generate template" as apxs2 supports -g itself.

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