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Commits on May 13, 2011
  1. @wagenet

    Fix comment on SC.ok()

    Emmanuel Bastien authored wagenet committed
  2. @wagenet

    Move sc-hidden class to be outside of sc-view.

    Peter Bergström authored wagenet committed
  3. Update deprecated SC.Button mixin to throw an error and changed the m…

    Colin Campbell authored
  4. Fixed SC.Button template view class / mixin conflict.

    Jiří Zajpt authored Colin Campbell committed
    Core foundation framework defines SC.Button class, but foundation
    framework overrides it with deprecated SC.Button.mixin. This commit
    fixes it while keeping deprecation message.
  5. Don't call arrayContentDidChange() if storeKeys already exist; this w…

    Tom Dale authored
    …ill be handled by the next call to flush().
  6. Remove debugger from unit tests

    Tom Dale authored
  7. Declare local variables before using them >_<

    Tom Dale authored
  8. SC.ArrayController should setup and teardown property chains when its…

    Tom Dale authored
    … underlying content object changes.
  9. Remove debugger statements from unit test

    Tom Dale authored
  10. Property chains should use objectAt in case they are used with array-…

    Tom Dale authored
    …likes instead of native arrays. Includes unit test of @each with SC.SparseArray.
  11. Clarify error thrown when editing a record array without an underlyin…

    Tom Dale authored
    …g store keys array.
  12. Remove sc-docs app and code as its been moved to the sproutcore/sc-do…

    Colin Campbell authored
    …cs repo
  13. Fixes #400. SC.CheckboxView now triggers an action on mouseUp/touchEn…

    Colin Campbell authored
    …d + unit tests updates
  14. @jribar

    Fixed bug with ImageView. Fixes SC #380.

    jribar authored Colin Campbell committed
  15. Fixes #410. Scrolling in Opera is fixed.

    Colin Campbell authored
Commits on May 12, 2011
  1. datastore/record_attribute: added tests for SC.DateTime to transform

    Tim Evans authored Colin Campbell committed
  2. datastore/record_attribute: added Date as a possible transform type f…

    Tim Evans authored Colin Campbell committed
    …or SC.DateTime
  3. Fixes #434. Update checkbox & menu item PSDs to remove reduced satura…

    Colin Campbell authored
  4. Merge commit 'de98d11' into postback_may_5

    Majd Taby authored
  5. @publickeating
  6. @wagenet
  7. @wagenet

    datastore/data_source: fixed SC.DataSource returning incorrect values…

    Tim Evans authored wagenet committed
    … on commitRecords
  8. @wagenet

    Added MIXED_STATE to datastore

    wagenet authored
  9. @wagenet

    datastore/data_source: added more tests; fixed additional bug with re…

    Tim Evans authored wagenet committed
    …turn status of commitRecords
  10. @wagenet

    datastore/data_source: added tests for SC.DataSource

    Tim Evans authored wagenet committed
  11. replace() and isEditable computed property had different behavior for…

    Tom Dale authored
    … editing when a RecordArray was not backed by an SC.Query. This commit updates isEditable to reflect the behavior of replace().
  12. Have SC.RecordArray use the isEditable computed property instead of c…

    Tom Dale authored
    …hecking the query manually. This allows subclassers to implement consistent isEditable logic.
  13. Improve documentation for SC.RecordArray#replace

    Tom Dale authored
  14. Remove trailing spaces from record array.

    Tom Dale authored
  15. Fix typo in documentation.

    Tom Dale authored
Commits on May 11, 2011
  1. @publickeating

    Setting simulateTouchEvents before currentWindowSize has been set, wi…

    publickeating authored
    …ll fail because simulateTouchEvents attempts to determine orientation using currentWindowSize.
    Also, made use of the mobileSafari conditional already in place.
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