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Droid Module: apache-vhost

Configure Apache 2 Virtual Hosts. For more information on Droid, please see

The steps involved are:-

  1. Write a virtual host configuration file for each defined website, to each of the hosts.
  2. Optionally create the document root directory of each website on each of the hosts.
  3. Optionally write a placeholder index page to the document root of each website on each of the hosts.
  4. Enable each virtual host on each of the hosts.
  5. Instruct Apache to reload its configuration on each of the hosts.


  1. The platform is Debian-based.
  2. Each of the machines is to host the same set of Apache virtual hosts.


  1. One virtual host configuration template is used as the basis for all of the virtual hosts.
  2. The variability of the virtual host configuration template is limited to the following directives:-
    • The virtual host socket on which to listen
    • ServerName
    • DocumentRoot
    • A list of zero or more SetEnv directives

Information required by the module

A list of virtual host configurations as module_apache_vhost_items, each with the following elements:-

  • name: A name for the configuration; used in the config and log file names.
  • socket: A socket string, suitable for Apache's <VirtualHost> directive.
  • servername: A value for the ServerName directive.
  • docroot: A value for the DocumentRoot and the <Directory> directory-path.

Optional information

Members of module_apache_vhost_items may also contain the following elements:-

  • env: A list of strings suitable as arguments to the SetEnv directive.
  • placeholder: set to true if you want to create a placeholder index.html file


Droid module to generate and enable Apache2 virtual hosts






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