A list of free and open source high quality Android apps
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Droid-Break is a list of free and open source Android apps inspired by Prism-Break. Our purpose is to show you high quality alternatives to the big proprietary solutions. Please note that open source apps don't guarantee absolute freedom, e.g. an open source Twitter client still sends everything to Twitter's servers. Anyway, we believe it's the best we can come up with and that in many cases it's the better choice. If you think an app should be added, please write an email, a tweet, a disqus comment or fork the project on GitHub and make a pull request.

You will find most of these apps in the F-Droid repository. Also, you might want to consider to flash a custom ROM like LineageOS or Replicant on your device.


Web Browser, Social Networking, Messenger, VoIP, Multimedia, Email, Notes, News Reader, File Manager, Navigation, Keyboard, Cloud, Office, Security, Misc

Technical stuff

  • We just changed our hoster from neocities.org to GitHub, so you can just submit pull requests and the changes will automatically appear on the website.
  • Please use just plain HTML5/CSS/JS, as no server side languages are supported. (I.e., no PHP, Perl, Python, etc.)
  • Please convert the proprietary images(/img/proprietary) to 25x25 and the free images(/img/foss) to 50x50 in the .png format.

Planned features

Social Media



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