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name: Joshua J. Drake
display_name: jduck
gravatar: 0fa6f5c062dc47e825d9bf7a2b40711d
email: jduck[dot]droidsec[at]qoop[dot]org
twitter: jduck
github: jduck
title: Group Founder
bio: Joshua J. Drake is the VP of Platform Research and Exploitation at Zimperium and Lead Author of the Android Hacker's Handbook. Joshua focuses on original research such as reverse engineering and the analysis, discovery, and exploitation of security vulnerabilities. He has over 10 years of experience in the field and regularly speaks at top industry conferences. Joshua was previously a Director of Research Science at Accuvant, where he headed up a team of elite vulnerability researchers. Prior to Accuvant, Joshua also worked with Rapid7’s Metasploit and VeriSign’s iDefense Labs. Additional notable accomplishments include exploiting Oracle’s JVM for a win at Pwn2Own 2013, successfully compromising the Android browser via NFC with Georg Wicherski at BlackHat USA 2012, and winning the DefCon 18 CTF with the ACME Pharm team in 2010. Stagefright?
name: Zach Lanier
display_name: quine
gravatar: c65347082fd2c5ec7c783f214e2d49e0
email: zach[at]n0where[dot]org
twitter: quine
github: quine
title: Sr. Research Scientist
bio: Zach Lanier is a Director of Research with Cylance, specializing in various bits of network, application, mobile, and embedded security. Prior to joining Cylance, Zach most recently served as a Senior Research Scientist with Accuvant Labs, and prior to that as a Senior Security Researcher with Duo Security. He has spoken at a variety of security conferences, such as Black Hat, DEF CON, CanSecWest, INFILTRATE, Countermeasure, and SummercCon, and is a co-author of the "Android Hackers' Handbook" (Wiley, 2014).
name: Pau Oliva Fora
display_name: pof
gravatar: c9a1e06b9dc0abecada691129ebc3a6d
email: pau[at]eslack[dot]org
twitter: pof
github: poliva
title: Unicorn Consultant
bio: Pau Oliva is a Mobile Security Engineer with NowSecure. He has 10 years of experience working as R+D Engineer in a Wireless Service Provider. His passion for smartphones started back in 2004 when he had his first PocketPC phone with the Windows Mobile operating system and started reverse engineering and hacking HTC devices. He has been actively researching security aspects on the Android operating system since its debut with the T-Mobile G1 on October 2008. Pau has spoken at a variety of security conferences, including DefCon and RSA in USA and LaCon and NoConName in Spain, and is co-author of the upcoming Wiley's Android Hacker's Handbook.
name: Jacob Soo
display_name: jacobsoo
email: jacob[dot]soo[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: _jsoo_
github: jacobsoo
title: Couch Potato
name: Jon Sawyer
display_name: jcase
email: jcase[at]cunninglogic[dot]com
twitter: jcase
github: CunningLogic
title: Security Researcher
bio: Very opinionated mobile security researcher.
name: Sebastián Guerrero
display_name: 0xroot
email: s[dot]guerrero0[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: 0xroot
github: 0xroot
title: Security Researcher
bio: I like to break things.
name: Cedric Halbronn
display_name: saidelike
email: saidelike+droidsec[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: saidelike
github: saidelike
title: Security Researcher
bio: Passionate
name: Thomas Cannon
display_name: thomc
gravatar: c6a2d0bf364b80a01ab150a3e3c7e571
email: mail[at]thomascannon[dot]net
twitter: thomas_cannon
github: thomascannon
title: Security Researcher
bio: Thomas is a penetration tester and security researcher with a focus on improving the security of mobile.
name: Tim Strazzere
display_name: diff
gravatar: 6a4b43066d19111e850cb14b45eacf93
email: diff[at]lookout[dot].com
twitter: timstrazz
github: strazzere
title: Security Researcher
bio: Tim Strazzere is a Lead Research and Response Engineer at Lookout Mobile Security. Along with writing security software, he specializes in reverse engineering and malware analysis. Some interesting past projects include having reversing the Android Market protocol, Dalvik decompilers and memory manipulation on mobile devices. Past speaking engagements have included DEFCON, BlackHat, SyScan, HiTCON and EICAR.
name: Marco Grassi
display_name: marcograss
gravatar: a98925181b2256d38addf9c3f5bf4dea
email: marco.gra[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: marcograss
github: marco-gra
title: Security Researcher
bio: Senior Security Researcher at KEEN Lab (previously known as KEEN Team).
name: Drew Suarez
display_name: utkanos
gravatar: e9610997926c08a1f9ba5a7a4e0a86c7
email: utkanos[at]gmail[dot]org
twitter: utkan0s
github: utkanos
title: Security Consultant/Researcher
bio: Breaking things at Matasano, contributor to cyanogenmod, photographer, and craft beer snob.
name: Anwar Mohamed
display_name: anwarelmakrahy
gravatar: b6660f74a947f3ad51963a33c8635146
email: anwarelmakrahy[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: anwarelmakrahy
github: AnwarMohamed
title: Vuln Miner
bio: 21-year-old security researcher, gained his experience over nine years working on security-related tools and frameworks. In this time he has become skilled with a number of languages including C/C++, Java, Python & Assembly. His qualifications includes reverse engineering and detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies and best practices.
name: Rick Flores
display_name: nanotechz9l
gravatar: bec95b5640474b27e965961c7b55eb1c
email: 0xnanoquetz9l[at]gmail[dot].com
twitter: nanotechz9l
github: nanotechz9l
title: Free Diver
bio: Rick is a Software security test engineer, and penetration tester at a software company. His focuses in both hardware/software security to include vuln research, exploit dev, malware analysis, and detection/intell automation. He's a student of ruby, c, and x86/x64/arm asm. He's also an avid follower of metasploit-framework, nanoelectronics, and embedded systems. Rick has presented his exploit dev workshop at ToorCON 13 in San Diego, and BSidesLV 2012 in Las Vegas.
name: Angelo Vescio IV
display_name: vesh
gravatar: 80f5f9816070e1bbc3eb95e137c7e8d1
email: vesh[at]satxhackers[dot]org
twitter: angelovescio
github: darkparticlelabs
title: Chimney Sweep
bio: Angelo Vescio spends most of his time trying to figure out how to get obscure devices in places they aren't supposed to be...also wolfman
name: Yu Jin
display_name: imcom
gravatar: 37941e596475a3c78282921d031ead38
email: jinyu.bjut[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: imcomjin
github: imcom
title: Developer
bio: Yu Jin is a web developer at a network security company. He is interested in network security and Android security. Specifically he is keen on cryptography, protocols and Android security.
name: Prashant Mahajan
display_name: corrupt
email: prashant3535[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: prashant3535
github: prashant3535
title: Security Consultant
bio: Prashant Mahajan is a Security Researcher and Consultant. He is interested in mobile device (OS and application) security.
name: Corsin Camichel
display_name: cocaman
gravatar: a0c74ac4c9cee42281206e16fe472136
email: cocaman[at]gmaildot[]com
twitter: cocaman
github: cocaman
title: Security Officier
bio: Working for a Bank in IT Security. Also breaking other stuff in job and free time. And I code.
name: k3170makan
display_name: k3170makan
gravatar: 6c9e182b4cb6abb2889d8dc56aa04d5c
email: k3170makan[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: k3170makan
github: k3170makan
title: Security Analyst
bio: "I Fight for the users"
name: David Weinstein
display_name: insitusec
email: dweinst[at]insitusec[dot]com
twitter: insitusec
github: dweinstein
title: Senior Security Engineer @ NowSecure
bio: Security Engi-nerd
name: Grady Duncan
display_name: aDroidman
twitter: adroidman
github: adroidman
title: Software Engineer
bio: Software Developer, SharePoint/Salesforce Admin. Spend my free time dabbling in web development.
name: Subho Halder
display_name: Subho Halder
gravatar: 835f347c1e05f21094de2f24e0f69daf
email: security[at]xysec[dot]com
twitter: sunnyrockzzs
github: subho007
title: Co-Founder and Security Researcher @ XYSec Labs
bio: Programmer, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Pentester and Exploiter. Loves to exploit Android. Lead Programmer and Creator of AFE.
name: Rex Kim
display_name: Rex
gravatar: 3637f3816716c93afb13426107ffb110
email: rexperience7[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: rexperience7
github: rex2er
title: Security Researcher, Vuln Miner
bio: 20 year old hacker. Peace, love, beer, zeroday!
name: John Troony
display_name: warlord
gravatar: bf4094519cd2c9c94e8ce4f5a5d9efe9
email: jayombagi[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: johntroony
github: johntroony
title: (in)security
bio: Animal lover.. hacking for fun & profit.
name: Michael Spreitzenbarth
display_name: mspreitz
gravatar: 19984ec57f0c768074d4759bcb4c3788
email: research[at]spreitzenbarth[dot]de
twitter: m_spreitz
github: mspreitz
title: Security Researcher
bio: Mobile security consultant and free time researcher in the field of Android malware analysis and forensics. Lead developer of the MobileSandbox system. Additionaly, giving talks and trainings in the afore mentioned topics.
name: Axelle Apvrille
display_name: cryptax
twitter: cryptax
github: cryptax
title: Security Researcher
bio: Fighting malware that get on strange stuff. Talked at VB, ShmooCon, BlackHat Europe, Insomni'Hack,
name: Ryan Welton
display_name: fuzion24
twitter: fuzion24
github: fuzion24
title: Security Researcher @ NowSecure
bio: I like to break things. I enjoy offensive security especially for Android/Linux.
name: Scott Alexander-Bown
display_name: scottyab
gravatar: e86e5dcb2b81622818b4b24ca3c1beec
twitter: scottyab
github: scottyab
title: Developer/consultant
bio: App Developer, trainer, speaker and co-author of the Android Security Cookbook.
name: Aditya Gupta
display_name: adi0x90
gravatar: dc6c5033a5f09182c497c05372bfe35f
email: adi[at]attify[dot]com
twitter: adi1391
github: adi0x90
title: Android Hacker @ Attify
bio: Co-Founder and Droid Ninja at Attify. Author of "Learning Pentesting for Android Devices" . Speaker & Trainer at BlackHat, OWASP AppSec, Toorcon, Syscan, Nullcon etc. Co-Creator of AppWatch - The Mobile Security Platform. Found vulnerabilities in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Skype, Webkit, Apple etc. in the past.
name: Amir Etemadieh
display_name: Zenofex
gravatar: b2068df9f0e5062aa740acd02d81db40
email: Zenofex[at]Exploitee[dot]rs
twitter: zenofex
github: zenofex
title: Research Scientist
bio: Research Scientist @ Accuvant Labs. Founder of . Speaker 3 x @ DEFCON, 1 x @ Infosec Southwest, and 2 x @ BSides Austin
name: Brin Taylor
display_name: uberlaggydarwin
gravatar: e3929a249aa245d63ecdccf2cd975419
email: security[at]brinly[dot]me
twitter: uberlaggydarwin
github: uberlaggydarwin
title: Security Researcher
bio: Independent security researcher from Australia.. Likes reversing bootloaders. Does CyanogenMod dev in spare time.
name: Francisco Alonso
display_name: revskills
gravatar: 071bd2e4be2d1ff668db28d9c5852557
email: rs[at]revskills[dot]cz
twitter: revskills
github: revskills
title: Security Engineer
bio: Security Engineer at Red Hat (Czech Republic) & Fedora Security Team. Hardware Hacking, Biker, PGP 0xE2E64DCA
name: Oguzhan Topgul
display_name: oguzhantopgul
gravatar: 5ea6c463b17758d63ffdab4587c15a00
email: oguzhantopgul[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: oguzhantopgul
github: oguzhantopgul
title: Security Researcher
bio: Mobile Security Researcher
name: Dominic Chell
display_name: dmc
gravatar: 13c0a52d5dad4051f19f92acc96632d8
email: dominic[at]mdsec[dot]co[dot]uk
twitter: domchell
github: dmchell
title: Security Researcher
bio: Does computering for @MDSecLabs, lead author for the Mobile App Hacker's Handbook
name: Nikolaos Chrysaidos
display_name: virqdroid
gravatar: ef3c0249ddfae3b9912dc96dba43c3c8
twitter: virqdroid
github: virqdroid
title: Security Researcher
bio: Nikolaos Chrysaidos is Mobile Malware & Security Analyst at Avast Virus Lab. Personal motto is "Whatever goes around, unlocks around"
name: Colby marquis
display_name: linkdead13
twitter: Venomouslord
github: camarquis
title: Security Researcher / Student
bio: Horrible @ Self Writing
name: Steve Birstok
display_name: haykuro
gravatar: ccf3b16f23720b67467df21093751adf
email: haykuro[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: haykuro
github: haykuro
title: Security Researcher, Software Engineer
bio: Good at computers. "He can unjam the printer really fast."
name: Shawn C
display_name: citypw
gravatar: 8e29dc258c08c118e6c8808c3eeed6b2
email: citypw[at]gmail[dot]com
twitter: citypw
github: citypw
title: Security consultant, Coder
bio: Doing FLOSS( Free/Libre & Open Source) security consulting by building defensive solution for GNU/Linux/Android security. Founder of HardenedLinux(