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J3D - Javascript / WebGL engine

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J3D is a WebGL based 3D engine. I use it for my personal experiments and demos. It's a playground rather than a production environment. It consists of a Javascript rendering engine and a C#/Unity3d scene exporter.

If you would like to use it in your projects and experiments or contribute you are more than welcome! J3D currently does not have any kind of documentation As far as documentation goes, there are API docs and a couple of tutorials listed below. Please report bugs in the issues section - I'll do my best to fix them.

Most of the demos should work work in all WebGL enabled browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera 12 Alpha and Safari (with WebGL enabled) on desktop. Some demos only run in alpha/nightly builds of selected browsers. Some demos run in Firefox on Android.

J3D was created by Bartek Drozdz. You can contact me via email at bartek(a) or on Twitter @bartekd

API Docs

API documentation


How to create a cube

Unity exporter tutorial

Shaders tutorial in .net magazine


Sundance Rectify Tool Christmas Card

Demos & experiments

Hello Cube Lights Scene exported from Unity3d Cubemap / Reflective material / Skybox Glass / Refraction, reflection, fresnel, chromatic dispersion 1.000.000 static particles (or more :) Particle stream Texture tile and offset Lightmapped scene Basic filter Toon shading Plasma Effect Particle Rain Paper Head Persistence Blur Scene management Globe Terrain shader Webcam texture (Canary, Opera Labs) Webcam particles (Canary, Opera Labs)

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