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2012-10-29 internship / thesis offering

If you are a student and interested in MDA related technologies, please check out our new offering for an internship or bachelor-thesis inside the droMDAry project:,00012240

Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions.

2012-09-26 migration to github complete

We have successfully completed the migration from sourceforge to github. Now it has become even easier to contribute to droMDAry, leveraging the full power of GIT and github (forking, pull requests, ...).

2011-02-02 updated roadmap for 2011

On the Roadmap the information has been updated. You can read about the topics we want to achieve during this year.

2011-01-27 droMDAry-alpha4

New release droMDAryAlpha4 is now online. Download it here

Welcome to droMDAry

droMDAry is a MDA project based on the Eclipse Modelling Framework and the openArchitectureWare Generator Framework. Currently, the project provides two generator cartridges:

  • Generator for data access operations for a persistency layer based on the Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Generator for data validations based on the Bean Validation API (BVA)
These cartridges generate java code from your domain models, which will be automatically enriched with JPA and BVA annotations. The project uses the UML modelling tool Enterprise Architect and provides an export interface to the Eclipse Modelling Framework environment.

Quickstart Tutorial

The best way to get a sense what droMDAry is about and what it can do for you, is to take a walk through our QuickstartTutorial.


Our German visitors can also read the Introduction. (A currently still incomplete english version can be found here.)


Look at the Roadmap to find out what we plan to do with droMDAry.

Technical Support and Contact

If you have questions regarding droMDAry please take a look at our Help section .

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