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Backplane to connect an iC880A-SPI concentrator board to a Raspberry Pi, with protection against reversed power supply and voltage spikes, a temperature / humidity sensor, a step-down voltage regulator, an ADC to measure supply voltage, a general purpose button, three general purpose LEDs and a connector for a 5V DC fan.
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iC880A + Raspberry Pi Backplane

This is a fork of original iC880A + Raspberry Pi Backplane by

This is a backplane to connect an iC880A-SPI concentrator board to a Raspberry Pi. It is inspired by the iC880A backplane by @gonzalocasas, but aims to give you the following additional features:


  • Screw terminal and footprint for MP1584 step-down regulator module (6.7-28V)
  • Alternative step-down regulator is LM2596 Module
  • Screw terminal for direct power input/output (5V)
  • Protection diode and resettable polyfuse against high voltage spikes
  • Protection against reverse polarity power input


  • Full access to Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • Pin header for serial communication (RX/TX)
  • 2 Pin headers for I²C based sensors (SDA/SCL/GND/3.3V/5V)


  • A SHT21 temperature/humidity sensor
  • A header for alternative temperature/humidity sensor DHT22
  • An MCP3425 16-bit ADC to measure RPi supply voltage


  • Pin header with flyback diode for 5V fan (5V/GND)
  • A hole for mounting of the fan
  • General purpose button connected to GPIO pin (e.g. for controlled Raspi shutdown)
  • Three general purpose SMD LEDs (Note: Only usable from Raspi versions with 40-pin GPIO header)
  • Mounting holes for Raspberry Pi B+ / 2B / 3B / Zero
  • Compatibility with PoE hat
  • UART link from GPS module on ic880a to Raspberry Pi






See ic880a_rp1_backplane_v1.2-2.pdf.


This PCB was created using KiCad 5.1 (5.1.4-3.fc30).


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