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Drone CI / CD


Drone by Harness™ is a modern Continuous Integration platform that empowers busy teams to automate their build, test and release workflows using a powerful, cloud native pipeline engine.

Installation Guides [See All]({{< relref "server/" >}})

{{< link "server/provider/github" "GitHub" >}} {{< link "server/provider/github-enterprise" "GitHub Enterprise" >}} {{< link "server/provider/Gitee" "Gitee" >}} {{< link "server/provider/bitbucket-cloud" "Bitbucket" >}} {{< link "server/provider/bitbucket-server" "Bitbucket Server" >}} {{< link "server/provider/gitea" "Gitea" >}}

Drone comes in two distributions: the Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition. If you only want to download open source software, the Community Edition is the best option. The Community Edition does not contain any proprietary code.

Examples by Programming Language [See All]({{< relref "pipeline/docker/examples/" >}})

{{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Go" >}} {{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Node" >}} {{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Python" >}} {{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Ruby" >}} {{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Rust" >}} {{< link "pipeline/docker/examples/languages/" "Java" >}}