Node client for the Drone API
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Node client for the Drone API


An API client is included in this package

const Drone = require('drone-node');

const client = new Drone.Client({ url: '', token: 'SoMeToKeN' });

client.getRepos().then((repos) => {

  // lists all the repos available to the authenticated user

Many methods are available, until they're documented see lib/index.js for details.


This package provides utilities for creating plugins. Plugins are command-line programs invoked during the build process. Build information and plugin configuration is passed to the plugin as a command-line argument in JSON format:

node run super_plugin.js -- '{ "build": {"number": 1, "status": "success"} }'

Example usage:

const Drone = require('drone-node');
const plugin = new Drone.Plugin();

plugin.parse().then((params) => {

  // gets build and repository information for
  // the current running build
  const build =;
  const repo  = params.repo;

  // gets plugin-specific parameters defined in
  // the .drone.yml file
  const vargs = params.vargs;