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cc @suguru @floatdrop

this was brought up in issue #75

the github url is currently hardcoded with an https:// prefix. Let's slightly change the design so that instead of github_domain we store github_url which is the scheme+domain, and remove the hard-coded https:// prefix.

we may also need a migration script for this, to change existing records from to


Well, storing github_url will not work with this code. I'm starting to think, that sources of code should be abstracted. I read discussion about it in issue about self-hosted git.


I can think of a couple of options for this code

option 1
We could execute url.Parse() to extract the Host from the url

option 2
We could pass as the host value for github enterprise. Depending on how we abstract the code, we may end up needing the host value to be fixed, as opposed to a variable domain name. TBD

other options?

suguru commented Feb 18, 2014

We could add github_url_scheme that can be http or https


I like url.Parse() more than another option in settings.

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