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DroneKit-Android helps you create powerful Android apps for UAVs.


DroneKit-Android is the implementation of DroneKit on Android.

The API provides interfaces that apps can use to control copters, planes, and ground vehicles. It is compatible with vehicles that communicate using the MAVLink protocol (including most vehicles made by 3DR and other members of the DroneCode foundation), and is validated against the open-source ArduPilot flight control platform.

This project implements the DroneKit-Android Client library which allows developers to leverage the DroneKit API.

Getting Started

The Getting Started guide explains how to set up a DroneKit project in Android Studio, and start the autopilot simulator (SITL) for testing during development.

Once you've got DroneKit set up, the First App: Hello Drone tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating a basic DroneKit-Android app and connecting it to a vehicle.


Source code and documentation for some of the apps built with DroneKit is linked below:


Project documentation is provided at This includes getting stated and tutorial material, and has links to examples and the full Javadoc API Reference.

The DroneKit Forums are the best place to ask for technical support on how to use the library. You can also check out our Gitter channel though we prefer posts on the forums where possible.

Users and contributors wanted!

We'd love your feedback and suggestions about this API and are eager to evolve it to meet your needs, please feel free to create an issue to report bugs or feature requests.

We welcome all types of contributions but mostly contributions that would help us shrink our issues list.


DroneKit-Android Client library is made available under the permissive open source Apache 2.0 License.

Copyright 2015 3D Robotics, Inc.