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Logs and output for testing dronekit-la.
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DroneKit LA Test Data


Logs and output for testing Dronekit-LA.


This repo contains sample ArduPilot DataFlash logs and MAVLink telemetry logs that you can freely use for testing DroneKit Log Analyzer (DroneKit-LA).

It also contains typical dronekit-la output which can be used to validate log analyzer changes.

Contributing new logs

We welcome new logs and analysis-output updates. These must be provided with the permission of the owner, and permit free use by anyone.

Here are a few basic rules for adding logs:

  • The permission of the log owner must be granted before a log is uploaded
  • Logs should be kept as short as possible (to make the repo usable). 5MB is the "nominal" maximum size.
  • Please state log ownership in the commit message.

NOTE: Before adding a log, please consider any sensitive information that it may contain.

Using Analyzer Output

The Analyser output is used to validate that changes to (DroneKit-LA)]( output are improvements. Typically we use a diff tool (e.g. WinDiff, Beyond Compare) to verify that changes result in better/more useful output.

Note: When comparing outputs, ensure that changes aren't due to platform issue (e.g. precision of floats on output).


All the files are licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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