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geobits: ArUco Ground Control Point Targets and Detection for Aerial Imagery (UAV/MAV).
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geoBits: ArUco Ground Control Point (GCP) Targets and Detection for Aerial Imagery (UAV/MAV/SAT).

TAGS: openCV, ArUco, QR Code, GCP, Drones, Ground Control Points, DroneMapper, Manned Aircraft, Aerial Imagery, Remote Sensing


We've developed an aerial ground control point target system similar to a QR code. Our GCP targets are digitally encoded fiducial markers with computer vision software functionality to enhance workflows and provide the highest accuracy possible for photogrammetry missions.


Download and build opencv3 and opencv_contrib.

Next, build geoBits with the following commands:

$ mkdir build ; cd build

$ export OpenCV_DIR=/opt/OPENCV3_DIR/; cmake ...

$ make


$ ./build/drnmppr-detect-marker -d=0 -i=img/DJI_0040.JPG -l=0.161 -dp=detector_params.yml
DM-0 img/DJI_0040.JPG 1644.65 2391.85
DM-1 img/DJI_0040.JPG 2049.15 1130.93


Printable 10000x10000 pixel markers are in the markers directory.

Cite Us:

If you use geoBits, please cite it as:

  author = "JP Stoermer and Pierre Stoermer",
  title = "geoBits",
  howpublished = "\url{}",


JP Stoermer & Pierre Stoermer @


Optional camera/sensor calibration:

Integrations & Uses:

  • Integrated into DroneMapper Remote Expert GCP tool and QA tools (Windows 10)
  • Integrated into Bayer Crop Science UAV/MAV/SAT imagery processing pipeline (Private Cloud)
  • Used for various R&D missions and aerial image projects for and clients
  • Used for various Agriculture R&D projects for AgEcoSystems, Syngenta and others
  • Cited and included in patent submissions for Remote Oil Tank Volumetric Estimation
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