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-- Burp Suite Extended --

Burp Suite Extended is a framework that can load multiple extensions written in python simultaneously, as well as the ability to add GUI features to your extensions and controlling the order of multiple outbound extensions.

We attempted to make it easier on developers to create and release extensions by:

	- Developing in the python scripting language
	- Jython support to add GUI features
	- Drag and Drop Extension Support for users downloading others extensions
	- Giving the users the ability to decide the order and what extensions they would like to use on all outbound requests

Thanks for looking into our burp extension framework. 


To get this working you'll need to have your burp suite jar inside of this directory.

You'll then launch burp via the batch or sh file, please make sure that your burp jar is named correctly for the files...
by default it should just be named 'burp.jar'

That's all you really need to get the framework up and running.


So you want to develop your own Burp Extension? Great! 

Your Extension will be written in Python and stored in the Lib/extensions/ directory.
For any GUI related features you will be using Jython.
There are two example skeletons and other extensions that you can look at to get an idea of how to communicate with the framework.
We'll also try making multiple blog posts explaining how to create extensions and using the framework.


We will be using PortSwiggers forums for any releases, updates, requests, input, communication... 

http://www.burpextensions.com will have useful blog posts with instructions on: 
	-How to use the framework
	-Writing Extensions
	-Burp Suite tips and tricks

Always feel free to send us an email at support [at] burpextensions [dot] com

Thanks for using our framework!

Joseph Tartaro  (droogie [at] burpextensions [dot] com)
James Lester	(infodel [at] burpextensions [dot] com)