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Latest commit 46c998a Jun 21, 2016 @psiroky psiroky committed on GitHub [DROOLS-1170] drools-pmml: use 'xjc' binary instead of jaxb2-maven-pl…
…ugin (#814)

* jaxb2-maven-plugin is not yet supported on JDK9. The original
   idea was to create new profile which would be jdk9-specific
   and use the exec-maven-plugin only there. However, this does not
   work because the classes generated directly by 'xjc' and the
   plugin are not exactly the same. The one big difference is that
   the plugin useis 'is' prefix for Boolean properties whereas
   xjc will use 'get' prefix (e.g. public Boolean isAdult() vs
   public Boolean getAdult()). It seems the later is correct as
   'is' should only be used for primitive boolean, and not for object
   type Boolean (
   To make the configuration easier, the plugin was removed
   and the jxc is called directly.
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main/java/org/drools/scorecards [DROOLS-1170] drools-pmml: use 'xjc' binary instead of jaxb2-maven-pl… Jun 21, 2016
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