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The designer is a web-based BPMN2 editor for Drools Flow, integrated into Guvnor.  It is based on the open-source Oryx editor.

Oryx is a web based visual modeller hosted at google code:

Oryx is also backed by Signavio, who provide a professionally maintained version of Oryx:

Drools Flow is currently integrated with the WAR provided from the Oryx branch maintained by Antoine Toulme, This branch is maintained with the aim of apply patches in a timely manner that can be upstream to the Oryx project. The latest version can be downloaded from:

How to use the designer:

Download the designer.war and unzip the folder in your JBossAS_4.2.3_GA_HOME/server/default/deploy directory and start up the server.
You should be able to open the designer at http://localhost:8080/designer/editor
You should also see the editor when you try to open a *.bpmn file in Guvnor.  Note however that Oryx still uses the BPMN2 beta1 format, so you should make sure you are using that version and not the latest (or Oryx will not be able to parse your input).

Oryx currently requires Java6
Oryx currently requires Mozilla Firefox
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