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Guvnor assembly descriptor for JBoss AS 7 #20

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Mattias Nilsson Grip Geoffrey De Smet
Mattias Nilsson Grip

I noticed Guvnor was missing a WAR for JBoss AS 7 so I created an assembly descriptor. Hope you find this useful. I have tested the WAR on JBoss AS 7.0.1.Final in standalone mode.

Mattias Nilsson Grip

Mattias Nilsson Grip

Added Guvnor assembly descriptor for JBoss AS 7.


I am going to merge this and test it. If it works, it will be part of 5.3.0.CR1.
Afterwards, I 'll try to find a better way of doing the execution manifest magic.
For example, we could create a modules.xml in src/main/assembly/guvnor-jboss-as-7_0/WEB-INF/modules.xml which might be able to do the same thing as the manifest

Geoffrey De Smet

Great stuff!

Can we avoid the need for extra execution magic by doing this in the assembly xml file itself?

I found no way of adding this manifest entry directly in the assembly descriptor. But I'm not a Maven expert so maybe it can be done. I agree that having duplicate executions of assembly plugin is not so nice...


jboss-deployment-structure.xml might be a way, but that's only a secondary priority at this time. If we can get guvnor to work for jboss as 7 that's great.

Here's the issue:
There are still some problems, but I am looking into them.

If we can get this to work, I 'll create a blog and give you a big thank you in it :)
If you want to talk real-time, join us on #drools on

Geoffrey De Smet ge0ffrey merged commit 41c8f55 into from
Geoffrey De Smet

Based on this pull request I've found out that the root issue why guvnor doesn't work on jboss as 7 was the version of cxf.
After fixing that, I 've managed to simplify it to no special build tricks and just 1 war for jboss 7 (both web and non-web).
Thanks a lot for this pull request. Check the blog for a public thank you later today :)

Mattias Nilsson Grip
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Commits on Sep 20, 2011
  1. Mattias Nilsson Grip
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35 guvnor-distribution-wars/pom.xml
@@ -29,16 +29,35 @@
+ <configuration>
+ <finalName>guvnor-${pom.version}</finalName>
+ <descriptors>
+ <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-5_1.xml</descriptor>
+ <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-6_0.xml</descriptor>
+ <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-tomcat-6_0.xml</descriptor>
+ </descriptors>
+ </configuration>
+ </execution>
+ <execution>
+ <id>jboss-as-7</id>
+ <phase>package</phase>
+ <goals>
+ <goal>single</goal>
+ </goals>
+ <configuration>
+ <finalName>guvnor-${pom.version}</finalName>
+ <descriptors>
+ <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-7_0.xml</descriptor>
+ </descriptors>
+ <archive>
+ <!-- Add dependency to jbossws-cxf module in JBoss AS 7 -->
+ <manifestEntries>
+ <Dependencies> services export</Dependencies>
+ </manifestEntries>
+ </archive>
+ </configuration>
- <configuration>
- <finalName>guvnor-${pom.version}</finalName>
- <descriptors>
- <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-5_1.xml</descriptor>
- <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-6_0.xml</descriptor>
- <descriptor>src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-tomcat-6_0.xml</descriptor>
- </descriptors>
- </configuration>
34 guvnor-distribution-wars/src/main/assembly/assembly-guvnor-jboss-as-7_0.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,34 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<assembly xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
+ xsi:schemaLocation="">
+ <id>jboss-as-7.0</id>
+ <formats>
+ <format>war</format>
+ </formats>
+ <includeBaseDirectory>false</includeBaseDirectory>
+ <dependencySets>
+ <dependencySet>
+ <includes>
+ <include>org.drools:guvnor-webapp:war</include>
+ </includes>
+ <outputDirectory>.</outputDirectory>
+ <unpack>true</unpack>
+ <unpackOptions>
+ <excludes>
+ <!-- Exclude all CXF jars except cxf-rt-frontend-jaxrs-->
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-api-*.jar</exclude>
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-common-schemas-*.jar</exclude>
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-common-utilities-*.jar</exclude>
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-rt-bindings-xml-*.jar</exclude>
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-rt-core-*.jar</exclude>
+ <exclude>WEB-INF/lib/cxf-rt-transports-http-*.jar</exclude>
+ </excludes>
+ </unpackOptions>
+ <useStrictFiltering>true</useStrictFiltering>
+ </dependencySet>
+ </dependencySets>
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