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a Business Process Management (BPM) Suite
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JBPM-4689 DB upgrade scripts don't contain updates for Sybase DB

Added updates for Sybase DB.
latest commit 50c09d261d
Tibor Zimanyi authored mrietveld committed
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jbpm-audit added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-bpmn2-emfextmodel added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-bpmn2 JBPM-4685 - Pass deployment id to work item that handles throwing mes…
jbpm-distribution Tidy up few module names to follow conventions
jbpm-document added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-examples added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-flow-builder added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-flow WorkflowProcessInstanceUpgrader - fixed wrong use of RuleFlowProcessI…
jbpm-human-task JBPM-4147 Able to use 'Task Variables' as expressions in Task properties
jbpm-installer JBPM-4689 DB upgrade scripts don't contain updates for Sybase DB
jbpm-persistence-jpa BZ-1234592 - Race condition with multiple job executor threads on Ora…
jbpm-query-jpa added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-runtime-manager added missing ASL licenses
jbpm-services JBPM-4601 - REST operation to provide a process (instance) image
jbpm-test JBPM-4426 fix initial test case to use the recommended way to registe…
jbpm-workitems BPMSPL-176 - REST task should be able to to parse complex object types
.gitignore BZ-1044529 Memory leak from getStatefulKnowledgeSessions
LICENSE-ASL-2.0.txt added missing LICENSE file in root directory remove the empty README.txt file and add the that links to …
pom.xml Remove version definition from root POM - jBPM does not have own vers…
update-version.xml changed artifactId.version to version.groupID.artifactId

Developing Drools and jBPM

If you want to build or contribute to a droolsjbpm project, read this document.

It will save you and us a lot of time by setting up your development environment correctly. It solves all known pitfalls that can disrupt your development. It also describes all guidelines, tips and tricks. If you want your pull requests (or patches) to be merged into master, please respect those guidelines.

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