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Forum (community volunteer support)

All our forums now use Google Groups, which allows for both web and email interaction.

Please follow these recommendations when posting a question:

  • Before posting first search the archives for similar questions. Searches should include Google Groups, StackOverflow and Jira.

  • Get to the point. Keep it as short as possible.

  • Include relevant technical details (version, stacktrace, short code snippet, …​).

  • Be polite, friendly and clear. Reread your question before posting it.

  • Be patient. Do not email people directly. This isn’t paid support.

Setup questions and discussions

Installation, configuration, setup and administration discussions for the Workbench, Eclipse, runtime environments and general enterprise architectures.

Usage questions and discussions

Authoring, executing and managing processes with jBPM. Any questions regarding the use of jBPM. General API help and best practices in building BPM systems.

Legacy jBPM user forum

There is a ton of information still available in the legacy jBPM user forum


StackOverflow is a popular externally run question and answer site, it does not allow for general discussions, and provides scoring and moderation.

Development discussions

If you want to help improve jBPM or have ideas you want to discuss (bug fixing, documentation or feature development) then come talk with us.