Jbpm migration quickstart

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To get started you need to clone the github project into your Eclipse IDE. We will assume you can do that without our help and also assume you have jBossTools installed! The project is using Maven, so you can run all of the standard stuff to get your project to build, test and install:

  • mvn eclipse:eclipse
  • mvn clean install
  • mvn test

After that it is time to make a handy run configuration that allows you to select and migrate your existing jPDL process definitions to BPMN2 compliant process definitions, see this post with screenshots.

How to use the jBPM Migration tool?

Once you have the project checked out, you can build the runable jar file starting with v0.8 as follows:

  • mvn package

In v0.8 for example you will find a 'target' directory with the jbpmmigration-0.8.jar file. On a command line you can see the help by running:

  • java -jar jbpmmigration-0.8.jar

The output should be something like this:

Usage: java org.jbpm.migration.xsl.JbpmMigration jpdlProcessDefinitionFileName xsltFileName outputFileName

Arguments are filled as follows:

  • jpdlProcessDefinitionFileName: any jBPM v3.2 process definition, for example you can use a test file found in the project, src/test/resources/jpdl3/singleNode/processdefinition.xml
  • xsltFileName: the XSLT conversion tool can be found at src/main/resources/jpdl3-bpmn2.xsl
  • outputFileName: anything you want it to be, such as 'convertedProcess.bpmn2'

Feedback is welcome, so let us know what you need!

Custom Java Nodes

If you want to make use of the custom domain specific nodes, just see the jBPM User Guide Chapter 7. We have provided for this custom node to run any migration of a process definition that includes handler or action classes.

The necessary files can be found in the resources META-INF directory, for details see this commit.