Jbpmmigration v0.10

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Release notes jbpmmigration v0.10

  • issue 41 resolved, unique ids for context variables.
  • issue 42 resolved, added ability to select xsd to use for conversion, default is jpdl 3.2.
  • issue 43 resolved, adjusted stylesheet usage in migration class.
  • issue 44 resolved, added JbpmMigration test class.
  • issue 46 & 47 resolved, cleaned up api for JpdlValidation and BpmnValidation classes.
  • issue 48 resolved, test output is now sorted in the directories related to the called tests, provides overview of all migration test output after a testing run, was over writing previously.
  • issue 51 resolved, pom adjusted to provide an optional cli jar (more dependencies included in resulting jar).
  • issue 52 resolved, fixed gateway nodes to provide gatewayDirection attributed needed by some editors to correctly display.
  • maven pom adjustments for JBoss jBPM team jenkens setup.