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Jbpmmigration v0.7

eschabell edited this page Apr 22, 2011 · 1 revision

Release notes jbpmmigration v0.7

Main push for this version was to include conversions for the soa-p quickstart jBPM process defintions.

  • Refactored to remove unused and generated jbpm3 proc def location files and image files.
  • Refactored main style sheet to split out start state style sheet and fixed transitions to allow for esb service nodes.
  • Unit test for orchestration1 sample process conversion. Start state in this process has an event, so split out start-state into apart stylesheet and we will add startEvent -> java node to execute class.
  • Fixed a drools namespace problem that testing brought to light, not 'tns' but 'drools' is what is needed.
  • Added orchestration2 sample quickstart process, conversion test supplied. Closes gh-24.
  • Added proc def for orchestration3 sample quickstart process, unit test created and conversion working fine. Closes gh-25.
  • Added orchestration4 sample quickstart proc def, unit test created. Closes gh-26.
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