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Interested in enterprise support? Check out Red Hat’s offering.

Final releases

Distribution zip

The OptaPlanner distribution zip includes binaries, documentation, examples and sources.

Maven, Gradle, Ivy or Buildr

The OptaPlanner jars are also available in the central maven repository (and also in the JBoss maven repository).

If you use Maven, just add a dependency in your pom.xml:


This is similar for Gradle, Ivy and Buildr.

Non-Final releases

Non-Final releases are the best way to test drive new features and APIs to provide feedback before we lock down the API with a Final release. We welcome that feedback on the forum, chat or issue tracker.

Alphas, Betas and CRs

An Alpha can be unstable. A Beta should work (it passes automated testing), but its new APIs might still change in the next release. A CR should be almost identical to the Final release.

Or with Maven:


Nightly snapshots

Nightly snapshots are unstable binaries, build by our build server.

  • Download #{site.pom.nightly.distributionZip}[Download OptaPlanner #{site.pom.nightly.version}]

Older releases

For older community releases, check the release archive.

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