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1.1.0: 2015-09-21


  • Errors while loading of invalid data become correctly handled.


  • Fixed a bug that cache is broken. [GitHub#25] [Reported by KITAITI Makoto]


  • KITAITI Makoto

1.0.9: 2015-04-29

  • Updated for the latest Droonga Engine 1.1.0.
  • Supports uber-cache 2.0.0.
  • New endpoints are introduced to inspect connections to Droonga Engine nodes.
    • /engines returns the list of currently conencted Droonga Engine nodes.
    • /connections returns detailed status of internal connections to Droonga Engine nodes.
  • Always reconnects to Droonga Engine nodes when there is any change around the Droonga cluster.
  • Query parameters for /droonga/* endpoints are used as the message body.

1.0.8: 2014-12-01

  • Connects to active engine nodes of the cluster of the associated engine node correctly. Previous version unexpectedly kept connections to already unjoined engine nodes.

1.0.7: 2014-11-29

  • Supports multiple Droonga Engine nodes as its backends. Now express-droonga can work like a load balancer.
  • The list of connecting Droonga Engine nodes can be automatically updated based on the actual list of active members in the cluster. This feature is activated by the syncHostNames option for the application.droonga() method.

1.0.6: 2014-10-07

  • Debug logs are now reported via given logger.

1.0.5: 2014-09-29

  • Return cached responses correctly.

1.0.4: 2014-06-29

  • Supports paths like /droonga/(command name) with GET method.
  • Supports paths like /droonga/(command namespace)/(command name) with GET and POST method.
  • Works with the Express 4.4.4.

1.0.3: 2014-05-29

  • Groonga compatible load command with GET method is available.
  • Query parameter group_by[(column name)][attributes] for the REST search command now accepts simple comma-separeted string value.

1.0.2: 2014-04-29

  • Works with the Express 4.0.
  • Keeps the process alive even if it is disconnected from the Droonga Engine.
  • Groonga compatible load command with POST method is available. (Note: load command with GET method is not supported yet.)

1.0.1: 2014-03-29

  • The bundled HTTP server application is removed. Instead, use another project droonga-http-server.
  • Parallel connections from the Droonga Engine are established correctly.
  • A middleware for response caches is available now. You can see the statistics via /cache/statistics.
  • Query parameters attributes, group_by, and adjusters are available for a REST search command (via /tables/:tableName).

1.0.0: 2014-02-28

The first major release! No changes since 0.9.9.

0.9.9: 2014-02-09


  • search: Improved query name in queries parameter. It was always result. Now, it is guessed from table name parameter.

0.9.0: 2014-01-29


  • Supported HTTP streaming.

0.8.1: 2014-01-06

A bug fix release of 0.8.1.

0.8.0: 2013-12-29

0.7.0: 2013-11-29

The first release!