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Generate stats from {Free,Open}BSD pflog files (or perhaps direct feed from the pflog0 interface). It is an in-line filter used in pipelines:

tcpdump -enr pflog.0 | python

inspired by

For a longer time I've had a need to generate some meaningful stats out of my FreeBSD pflog files. Finally after dealing with another incident requiring me to sift through the /var/log/pflog* files "manually" with shell for loops and tcpdump only I realized that just sed/awking it is not enough, so I got looking. And found a tool that was close to what I wanted but didn't function no more. So instead of fixing it up - I took the idea and built stuff from scratch.


usage: [-h] [--regexp] [--select-timestamp TIMESTAMP]
                      [--select-rule RULE] [--select-action ACTION]
                      [--select-direction DIRECTION]
                      [--select-interface INTERFACE]
                      [--select-source-host SOURCE_HOST]
                      [--select-source-port SOURCE_PORT]
                      [--select-destination-host DESTINATION_HOST]
                      [--select-destination-port DESTINATION_PORT]
                      [--resolve-dst] [--resolve-src] [--parser {stats,lines}]
                      [--output-field {timestamp,rule,action,direction,interface,source_host,source_port,destination_host,destination_port}]
                      [--format {compact,pretty}]

Parse pflog output produced by "tcpdump -ne"

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --regexp              Criterion provided in filters shall be treated as
  --select-timestamp TIMESTAMP
                        select timestamp matching lines
  --select-rule RULE    select rule matching lines
  --select-action ACTION
                        select action matching lines
  --select-direction DIRECTION
                        select direction matching lines
  --select-interface INTERFACE
                        select interface matching lines
  --select-source-host SOURCE_HOST
                        select source-host matching lines
  --select-source-port SOURCE_PORT
                        select source-port matching lines
  --select-destination-host DESTINATION_HOST
                        select destination-host matching lines
  --select-destination-port DESTINATION_PORT
                        select destination-port matching lines
  --resolve-dst         resolve destination IPs
  --resolve-src         resolve source IPs
  --parser {stats,lines}
  --output-field {timestamp,rule,action,direction,interface,source_host,source_port,destination_host,destination_port}
  --format {compact,pretty}