Utilities to test the Dropbox API v2.
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Dropbox API v2 REPL

A Python REPL that lets you make calls to the Dropbox API v2.

  1. Get a Dropbox API access token. You can use the Dropbox website to get an access token for your own account.

  2. Put the access token in a file called auth.json:

        "access_token": "<insert-access-token-here>"
  3. Run the command: python repl.py auth.json.

    For help, type 'hint'
    In [1]: hint
    Use 'a' to make requests to the "api" server.
    Use 'c' to make requests to the "content" server.
        a.rpc('files/get_metadata', path='/Camera Uploads')
        c.up('files/upload', path='/faq.txt', mode='add', _b=b'What?')
        c.down('files/download', path='/faq.txt', _h={'If-None-Match': 'W/"1234"'})