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pwnall commented Nov 26, 2012

We're currently using node-XMLHttpRequest to get an XHR-like API on node.js. The following issues in the library seem to be the main roadblocks to supporting binary files.

Alternatively, we could use a completely different Dropbox.Xhr implementation on node.js.

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terehov commented Jan 19, 2013

Hello! Are there any updates on this topic (uploading binary data to dropbox using dropbox.js)?


pwnall commented Jan 19, 2013

@terehov Sorry, I don't have any good news so far. I've been focusing on Chrome extensions support up until now. On the bright side, I promise this is the first thing on my list once I shift my focus to node.js.

Under the hood, we're using a node library that implements the XMLHttpRequest API. The author promised to support XHR level 2 in an upcoming version. Unfortunately, that library hasn't been updated in a while.

If you can find another library that supports ArrayBuffers (and, ideally, node.js Buffer objects as well), dropbox.js could use it without any modifications -- we do feature detection everywhere. If you can point me to such a library, I'll try running the test suite against it and, if it works, I'll swap it in.

Sorry this has taken forever 😢


pwnall commented Jan 29, 2013

@terehov The master version of dropbox.js supports binary uploads and downloads on node.js, via Buffers and ArrayBuffers / ArrayBufferViews. Please give it a try!

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pwnall commented Jan 29, 2013

@terehov I released a 0.9.1-beta1 node.js-only update that has binary support, to make it easier for you (and anyone else that might be reading this) to give this a try.

The price of binary file support is that I had to replace an old and pretty well tested XHR wrapper with a new version that I just wrote. Therefore, testing would be really appreciated!

terehov commented Jan 30, 2013

Wow, thanks a lot!
I definitely gonna try it in the next couple of days!
Thanks again :-)

terehov commented Feb 7, 2013

Hi pwnall,

I was playing around but couldn't manage to upload a file.
Is there a chance you could post me a node.js example reading a gif/jpg file from file system and uploading it to github? Would be great!

thx :-)

I don't know if this will come in handy, but here is a quick example I'm doing with the request library pulling an image from the web and pushing it into my dropbox.

var pathToDir = "";
var image = "name-of-image.jpg";
var pathToImage = pathToDir + image;
request(pathToImage, { encoding: null }, function(error, response, body){
    db_client.writeFile(image, body, function(error, stat){

terehov commented Feb 7, 2013

Thanks, that helped a lot :-) Now it works! I guess encoding was my problem.

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