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Profiler support on the AdminServlet #927

jplock opened this Issue Mar 29, 2016 · 1 comment


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jplock commented Mar 29, 2016

Would you accept a pull request against the 3.1-maintenance branch to integrate into the AdminServlet as another menu option (I'm primarily interested in using this within Dropwizard).


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jgangemi commented Mar 30, 2016

+1 for this in some form

jplock added a commit to jplock/metrics that referenced this issue Apr 1, 2016

jplock added a commit to jplock/metrics that referenced this issue Apr 1, 2016

arteam added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2017

arteam added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 15, 2017

Merge changes from the 3.1 branch to 3.2 (#1071)
* Support for publishing metrics of BigInteger and BigDecimal type

* Update third-party.rst

New reporter - metrics-munin-reporter

* Add links to more third party libs

* Update third-party to include metrics-circonus

* Fix spelling in core.rst

* #814 always close socket

(cherry picked from commit 2762ce5)

* Revert "Add log4j2 xml-based config support"

This reverts commit 6667014.

* Revert "Added log4j2 InstrumentedAppender xml support to docs"

This reverts commit 26c4cd2.

* Revert "Fix javadoc link"

This reverts commit 28e6556.

* Revert "Add CPU profiling support to the AdminServlet (fixes #927)"

This reverts commit bbb52c1.

* Revert "Support for publishing metrics of BigInteger and BigDecimal type"

This reverts commit 7cfc23c.

* Suppress all kinds of Exceptions raised by report() (#1049) (#1056)

* Support the JDK's ThreadLocalRandom (#1052)

Add a proxy which provides a ThreadLocalRandom implementation depending on its
availability in runtime. If the JDK provides ThreadLocalRandom, use it. Otherwise,
fallback to the internal implementation.

* Support JDK's LongAdder (#1055)

* Support the JDK's LongAdder

Add an ability to use the JDK's implementation if it's available in the
runtime. Use a proxy for creating LongAdders which tries to use the JDK's
implementation and fallbacks to the internal one if the JDK doesn't
provide any.

Unfortunatelly, `LongAdder`s don't have a common interface, therefore we
introduce `LongAdderAdapter` as a common interface for `LongAdder`s. It
will be used in other components as an interface, but a concrete
implementation of it will be created by `LongAdderProxy`.

This pattern allows to us to still run code in the JRE, but enjoy the
benefits of the stock `LongAdder` in modern JDKs (less bugs, better

* Run tests only on JDK8

We need a compile dependency on LongAdders which is not available
in JDK7.

* Retry DNS lookups (#1064)

Do retry DNS lookups, which are just done in the constructor of

Reason might be that in some environments DNS is very dynamic and thus a name
might be sometimes resolveable and sometimes not. The way this is currently
implemented the InetSocketAddress is always cached, which in itself caches the
return value of the last DNS lookup, even if that failed.

* Backport rescale bug (#1046)

* Added ExponentiallyDecayingReservoir test illustrating the rescale race condition.

(cherry picked from commit d9af3c1)

* Fixed the race condition in ExponentiallyDecayingReservoir's rescale method.

(cherry picked from commit b022f04)
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