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Test and Release

Dropzone is a JavaScript library that turns any HTML element into a dropzone. This means that a user can drag and drop a file onto it, and Dropzone will display file previews and upload progress, and handle the upload for you via XHR.

It's fully configurable, can be styled according to your needs and is trusted by thousands.

Dropzone Screenshot



$ npm install --save dropzone
# or with yarn:
$ yarn add dropzone

Use as ES6 module (recommended):

import { Dropzone } from "dropzone";
const dropzone = new Dropzone("div#myId", { url: "/file/post" });

or use as CommonJS module:

const { Dropzone } = require("dropzone");
const dropzone = new Dropzone("div#myId", { url: "/file/post" });

πŸ‘‰ Checkout our example implementations for different bundlers

Not using a package manager or bundler?

Use the standalone files like this:

<script src=""></script>

<div class="my-dropzone"></div>

  // Dropzone has been added as a global variable.
  const dropzone = new Dropzone("", { url: "/file/post" });

⚠️ NOTE: We are currently moving away from IE support to make the library more lightweight. If you don't care about IE but about size, you can already opt into 6.0.0-beta.1. Please make sure to pin the specific version since parts of the API might change slightly. You can always read about the changes in the CHANGELOG file.


If you need support please use the discussions section or stackoverflow with the dropzone.js tag and not the GitHub issues tracker. Only post an issue here if you think you discovered a bug.

If you have a feature request or want to discuss something, please use the discussions as well.

⚠️ Please read the contributing guidelines before you start working on Dropzone!

Main features βœ…

  • Beautiful by default
  • Image thumbnail previews. Simply register the callback thumbnail(file, data) and display the image wherever you like
  • High-DPI screen support
  • Multiple files and synchronous uploads
  • Progress updates
  • Support for large files
    • Chunked uploads (upload large files in smaller chunks)
  • Support for Amazon S3 Multipart upload
  • Complete theming. The look and feel of Dropzone is just the default theme. You can define everything yourself by overwriting the default event listeners.
  • Browser image resizing (resize the images before you upload them to your server)
  • Well tested

MIT License

See the LICENSE file