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Web interface for MS DNS servers
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Web interface for Microsoft DNS

Project needs a developer and hopefully a designer to take it under their wings, most features are not production ready and were barely tested

Web interface for managing Microsoft DNS, written in C#, MVC and WMI.

DNSManagement wrapper supports most DNS features, Web interface supports most of what is possible through the MMC snap-ins.

Major features:

  • Show EventLog
  • Audit Log
  • New/Edit/Delete forward lookup zones.
  • New/Edit/Delete resource records.
  • NSLookup/DIG
  • View reverse lookup zones.
  • Able to limit access only to specific servers via configuration.
  • Log event types (Unauthorized access/Login/View/Change/Show logs)
  • Log media types (DB/File), only DB shows in the interface.
  • Log records limit.
  • HTTPs only (feature untested, configurable).

Project contents:

  • DNSManagement - LGPL licensed - C# Wrapper for most MicrosoftDNS namespace objects.
  • Heijden.DNS - CPOL licensed - full implementation of DNS lookup/DIG.
  • MSDNSWebAdmin - GPL licensed - Web interface.


  • Heijden.DNS - by Alphons van der Heijden.
  • Images/Icons -

Known issues:

  • SIG RR not implemented, suspected no implementation in WMI.
  • SOA Modify is changing the record, but when the changes take effect is unpredictable/unknown to me.
  • WKS Modify is not working properly.
  • Zone ChangeType is inconsistent, better to delete and create a new zone.
  • Active Directory options and features were not tested, perhaps in the future.
  • NXT RR not implemented, suspected no implementation in WMI.
  • KEY RR not implemented, suspected no implementation in WMI.

Programmed by Dror Gluska.

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