Keeps the input in your form fields alive even when you reload your tab
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Staying Alive

Saves your form data client side between page reloads.

Just like gmail you can now have the data typed in textareas and input fields saved when a tab is closed by accident or the browser crashes. stayingalive.js is 100% client side and with one line of javascript you can save a single field or all the input and textarea fields in a form. Works for multiple pages on your site. Demo:


$('#form1').stayingalive();//preserve all textareas and fields in the form
$('#input1').stayingalive();//preserve this input field
$('#textarea1').stayingalive();//preserve this textarea

##Params stayingalive() takes an object as an argument:

	scope: scope of the form. Defaults to  window.location.pathname(current URL)
	ttl: how long to keep the info in local storage

You need to assign a unique id or pass an id as an argument to the fields or forms that are preserved. Class selectors are not supported since:

  1. A unique id is needed to save the field in the browser.
  2. The script could generate a unique id based on position, but that's a fragile solution since moving fields around will result in wrong data showing in existing forms.


In addition to stayingalive.js you need:

  • jquery
  • json2.js (for legacy browser support)
  • jstorage.js

Or you can get all of these from CDN

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="//"></script>