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"How to learn Emacs" <>
is a guide aimed at computer programmers who want to master the GNU Emacs
text editor.

Generating HTML from the source HAML files

The document source is in Haml + Markdown format: Haml for HTML block
structure, and Markdown for paragraphs and formatting.

Haml uses significant indentation:

    HAML                HTML
    #about              <div id='about'>
      *Hello* there       *Hello* there

See <> for details.

I use a custom fork† of Haml that automatically formats plain-text content
through Markdown‡, so the above Haml example actually converts to:

    <div id='about'>
        <em>Hello</em> there

† <>  
‡ <>

To install all the necessary tools: (on a Unixy system: Linux, OS X, etc.)

1. Install ruby and rubygems (the ruby package manager) with your system's
package manager (macports or homebrew on OS X, apt-get or yum on some Linux
distributions, etc.). You may already have these installed (try `ruby` and
`gem` at the terminal). On some systems the `rubygems` package is called

2. Use `gem` to install the rdiscount package (a Markdown implementation):  
`gem install rdiscount`

3. Clone this repository:  
`git clone git://`

4. Fetch the haml submodule of this repository:  
`cd how-to-learn-emacs`  
`git submodule init`  
`git submodule update`

5. Build the HTML from the Haml sources:  

Why are the generated HTML files tracked in the git repository?

So that I can easily see the effects of changes to the scripts that generate
the HTML.
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