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A getopt-like processor of command-line flags. It works much like the "flag" package, only it processes arguments in a way that is compatible with the getopt_long syntax, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX.

Example program

The example program named example/example.go, is meant to be more useful for someone trying to see how the package works. It comes with a makefile demonstrating how to do some nice tricks, such as enabling bash completion on your flags, and generating man pages and html versions of the man page (see the man page for the example program).

Test suite

The test suite is the file .test, which compiles and verifies the output of the program in the test-program directory, as well as the example program. You can configure git to run the test suite automatically by running the script.


Once the package is installed via goinstall, use the following to view the documentation:

godoc --http=:6060

If you installed it from github, you will want to do this from the source directory:

godoc --http=:6060 --path=.

This will run in the foreground, so do it in a terminal without anything important in it. Then you can go to http://localhost:6060/ and navigate via the package directory to the documentation or the left-hand navigation, depending on if it was goinstalled or run from a git clone.


getopt-like flags package for golang,




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