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Iolaus to-do list

  1. Add delta debugging support for commits. Essentially git bisect, but allowing for new merges, so we get a whole lot more potential combinations.

  2. Add support (and documentation) for proper git-style hooks.

  3. Add proper support (and documentation) for proper git-style color configuration. We're already part of the way there, but there's no support for the mechanism for turning color off. The default will be color, however.

  4. Add support for signing and verification of tags.

  5. Work out a more sophisticated review mechanism, possibly involving a new command "review", which will display a commit, and allow the user to create a new commit which depends only on that one commit and makes no changes. The idea would be that a trunk could restrict itself to only pull signed "review" commits (which must, of course, be by a different developer than the commit that is reviewed), thus ensuring that every patch is looked at by at least one developer. This could work in tandem with the --intersection scheme to allow a truly distributed approach to code review.

  6. Create framework in which TODO items could be associated with bugs and test scripts, to encourage creation of test scripts when adding TODO items.

  7. Consider adding a yaml patch type and diff. This could be useful for avoiding conflicts in the above TODO list idea. Possibly we could work at the intersection of markdown and yaml. e.g. the existing file is a markdown file that is also (almost?) a valid yaml file. It might be useful to support precisely this intersection. I'm not sure how many different sorts of characters would require quoting in order to make a list markdown file also parse as a list yaml file, but it might be pretty cool. It also might be something that we could easily recognize in the diff process and automatically treat differently. Currently the only way to truly be safe from spurious dependencies in things like TODO items and bugs is to make each item a separate file, which is pretty silly. For a few things it makes sense (probably for test scripts), but for most others, it's much nicer to be able to work with a single file.

  8. Add a timeout option for the tests, so that we can handle test suites that involve an infinite list.