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@tmiw tmiw released this 05 Aug 22:38
· 2523 commits to master since this release

Contains the following content (vs. v1.5.3):

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Suppressed clipping of TX speech when PTT is released. (PR #123)
    • Added missing mode labels for 800XA and 2400B as a result of implementing multi-RX in 1.5.3. (PR #128)
    • Fixed analog passthrough when using 2400B. (PR #130)
    • Fixed non-responsive scroll controls on macOS. (PR #139)
    • Auto EQ now working for 800XA. (PR #141)
    • Reset scatter plot state when multi-RX switches modes. (PR #146)
    • Use selected sound device sample rates for the equalizer controls. (PR #142)
  2. Enhancements:
    • Frequency ticks moved to the top of the waterfall. (PR #115)
    • Optimized rendering code for the waterfall display to improve responsiveness on slower machines. (PR #127, #137)
    • Fixed navigation issues encountered while using screen readers. (PR #121)
    • Allow main window to expand horizontally for shorter displays. (PR #135, #121)
    • Allow autoconversion of voice keyer file to selected TX mode's sample rate. (PR #145)
    • Multi-RX: decode each supported mode on its own thread. (PR #129)
  3. New features:
    • Added support for alternative configuration files by specifying -f/--config options. (PR #119, #125)
    • Added support for PTT input, e.g. for foot switches. (PR #136)
  4. Build system:
    • Use MacPorts/Homebrew PortAudio for macOS builds. (PR #134, #138)
    • Bootstrapped wxWidgets now uses version 3.1.5. (PR #147)
    • Added support for bootstrapped wxWidgets on Windows builds. (PR #124)
    • Updated Docker container for Windows builds to Fedora 34. (PR #124)
    • Created "make dist" target for easy tarball generation. (PR #152)

Changes from v1.5:

  1. v1.5.3:
    • Simultaneous decode of 2020, 1600 and 700C/D/E (without needing to push Stop first, change the mode and push Start again).
    • Dynamic switching of the current Tx mode between the aforementioned modes, again without needing to restart the session.
    • A Tx level slider on the right hand side of the main screen to fine-tune transmit output (to more easily avoid clipping ALC and conflicting with other soundcard ham radio applications).
  2. v1.5.2:
    • Updates storage for sound card configuration to use device names instead of IDs.
    • Detects changes to computer sound card configuration and notifies user when devices go away.
  3. v1.5.1:
    • Experimental support for reporting to PSK Reporter added.
    • Bug fixes with audio configuration to allow mono devices to be used along with stereo ones.
    • Tweaks to user interface and record/playback functionality to improve usability.
    • Bug fixes and tweaks to improve voice keyer support.
  4. v1.5.0:
    • FreeDV 700E, better performance than 700D on fast fading channels
    • FreeDV 700D/700E clipper to increase average transmit power by 6dB