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🌟Everything required to add a Docsify site to Make School course repos.


Includes the following features built in:

  • Make School theme.
  • Websites available offline.
  • Ability to search and display any .md file in your repo linked in
  • Syntax highlighting for 23 different languages used at Make School.
  • Emojis in the following format :100:.
  • Added functionality: Copy to Clipboard function, flexible alerting.


  1. Install docsify-cli: npm install -g docsify-cli.
  2. (Optional) Install npm install -g tocsify to generate directory-based sidebars.

Update Your Repo - Step by Step

If you did not use the MS Syllabus Template as a repository template:

  1. Download the latest release in the Releases tab.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Move,, .nojekyll, index.html, and the Web folder to your local course repository.

Instructions for All:

  1. IMPORTANT: Update with course materials that you want searchable.
  2. Open index.html in a text editor.
    1. Scroll down and replace REPO_NAME on lines 24-27 and 43 with the repo name for your course (ex: BEW-2.5-Strongly-Typed-Ecosystems)
    2. Finally, update lines 6 through 11 and 41 with relevant information for your course.
  3. use <!-- tabs:start --> and <!-- tabs:end --> to tabulate sections of your syllabus.
  4. Test locally by running docsify serve . in the root of the repo.
  5. Add, commit, and push your changes to origin/master.


  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your course repository.
  2. Scroll down to the GitHub Pages settings.
    1. Select master in the Source drop-down.
    2. Submit to enable GitHub Pages for your repo.
  3. Click the resulting link to test the deployment.
  4. Update shortlinks to match the following format:
    1. points to the course website:
    2. points to the GitHub repo:

Additional Resources


🌟Everything required to add a Docsify site to Make School course repos.





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