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🌟Everything required to add a Docsify site to Make School course repos.
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🌟Everything required to add a Docsify site to Make School course repos.


Includes the following features built in:

  • Make School theme.
  • Websites available offline.
  • Ability to search and display any .md file in your repo linked in
  • Syntax highlighting for 23 different languages used at Make School.
  • Emojis in the following format :100:.
  • Added functionality: Copy to Clipboard function, flexible alerting.


  1. Install docsify-cli: npm install -g docsify-cli.
  2. (Optional) Install npm install -g tocsify to generate directory-based sidebars.

Update Your Repo - Step by Step

  1. Download the latest release in the Releases tab.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Move,, .nojekyll, index.html, and the Web folder to your local course repository.
  4. IMPORTANT: Update with course materials that you want searchable.
  5. Open index.html in a text editor.
    1. Scroll down and replace REPO_NAME on lines 40 and 63 with the repo name for your course (ex: BEW-2.5-Strongly-Typed-Ecosystems)
    2. Finally, scroll up and update lines 6 through 11 in index.html with relevant descriptions for your course.
  6. Test locally by running docsify serve . in the root of the repo.
  7. Add, commit, and push your changes to origin/master.


  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your course repository.
  2. Scroll down to the GitHub Pages settings.
    1. Select master in the Source drop-down.
    2. Submit to enable GitHub Pages for your repo.
  3. Click the resulting link to test the deployment.
  4. Update shortlinks to match the following format:
    1. points to the course website:
    2. points to the GitHub repo:

Additional Resources

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