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Welcome to the ROXcomposer tutorial page, here you will learn how to interact the ROXcomposer using the GUI or REST API, step by step.

About the ROXcomposer

The ROXcomposer is designed to easily create dynamic microservice pipelines. The ROXcomposer will orchestrate the communication of your microservices and facilitate logging and debugging. Microservices can be anything and as small or big as you need them to be - from a lowercaser service to a whole neural network.

The ROXcomposer doesn't work alone, it comes in a stack. To be able to communicate with it through a REST API you need to use the ROXconnector. To facilitate this communication we provide a GUI. We also provide some basic text processing services to give you a glimpse of what you can do with the composer.

Step by Step Tutorial

To learn how to use the ROXcomposer, it's REST API and the GUI follow the tutorial in this order:


How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to the ROXcomposer or one of its associated projects (GUI, ROXconnector or service packages), see our How to Contribute guidelines and please follow the Code of Conduct in your contributions.

If you want to see documentation for ROXcomposer, ROXconnector or example services see

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