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Welcome to the ROXcomposer wiki!


ROXcomposer is a software development framework for building microservice architectures. It consists of various interlocking parts:

  • a service communication and routing protocol based on Google protocol buffers
  • a service base class written in Python which allows easy implementation of Python services
  • a Node.js control process that provides configurable REST endpoints for starting services, defining pipelines and injecting messages into a pipeline via HTTP
  • a dockerized monitoring environment based on the Elasticstack (optional)

ROXcomposer GUI Tutorial

We provide a GUI for easier use of the ROXcomposer.
Follow the GUI tutorial to learn how to use the ROXcomposer with the GUI.

ROXcomposer CLI Tutorial

You can also use the ROXcomposer without the GUI, we provide a CLI that supports most of the API-endpoints of the composer.
Follow the CLI tutorial to learn how to use the ROXcomposer with the CLI.

This concludes our short demo. Have fun!

How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to the ROXcomposer or one of its associated projects (GUI, ROXconnector or service packages), see our How to Contribute guidelines and please follow the Code of Conduct in your contributions.

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