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Welcome to the roxconnector wiki!

ROXconnector API server

A fast and flexible Node.js server for delivering RESTful APIs based on JSON data serialization - with plugin support. The endpoint definition resides inside the servers config file - not within the code. Endpoints can be configured to either invoke a process, be relayed to another server via http or mapped onto a plugin function.

Why use ROXconnector?

There are serveral reasons for using ROXconnector as your API gateway:

  • Easy setup: ROXconnector is operational within minutes
  • Integration with other services: you can use ROXconnector to map REST calls to other services via HTTP
  • Extensibility: add new functionality to your endpoints with your own Node modules - access your own code from within the API server itself
  • REST setup inside the configuration: define your whole API in a single JSON file. Simply restart ROXconnector to see the changes
  • In essence: be fast and flexible

How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to the ROXconnector or one of its associated projects (GUI, ROXcomposer or service packages), see our How to Contribute guidelines and please follow the Code of Conduct in your contributions.

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