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package styxfile
import (
// ErrSmallRead is returned when a client's Tread request on
// a directory does not request enough bytes to hold at least
// one Stat structure.
var ErrSmallRead = errors.New("Tread count too small for dir stat")
// Types implementing the Directory interface can be made
// into 9P files by the NewDir function. This provides an easy
// way, for example, to provide directory listings from an
// *os.File.
type Directory interface {
Readdir(n int) ([]os.FileInfo, error)
// NewDir creates a new Interface that converts the return
// value of a Directory's Readdir method into 9P Stat structures.
func NewDir(dir Directory, abspath string, pool *qidpool.Pool) Interface {
return &dirReader{
Directory: dir,
pool: pool,
path: abspath,
type dirReader struct {
offset int64
pool *qidpool.Pool
path string
func (d *dirReader) ReadAt(p []byte, offset int64) (int, error) {
defer d.Unlock()
if offset != d.offset {
return 0, ErrNoSeek
// NOTE(droyo) because we are being pessimistic about the
// size of filenames/usernames/etc, the below can result
// in us calling Readdir more times than we have to, especially
// if file/user names are normal size. This could be addressed
// by buffering Readdir's results.
nstats := len(p) / styxproto.MaxStatLen
if nstats == 0 {
return 0, ErrSmallRead
files, err := d.Readdir(nstats)
n, marshalErr := marshalStats(p, files, d.path, d.pool)
d.offset += int64(n)
if marshalErr != nil {
return n, marshalErr
return n, err
func marshalStats(buf []byte, files []os.FileInfo, dir string, pool *qidpool.Pool) (int, error) {
var (
stat styxproto.Stat
n = 0
err error
for _, fi := range files {
uid, gid, muid := sys.FileOwner(fi)
stat, buf, err = styxproto.NewStat(buf, fi.Name(), uid, gid, muid)
if err != nil {
n += len(stat)
mode := Mode9P(fi.Mode())
qtype := QidType(mode)
stat.SetQid(pool.Put(path.Join(dir, fi.Name()), qtype))
return n, err
func (d *dirReader) WriteAt(p []byte, offset int64) (int, error) {
return 0, ErrNotSupported
func (d *dirReader) Close() error {
if c, ok := d.Directory.(io.Closer); ok {
return c.Close()
return nil