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package styxproto
import "errors"
type parseError string
func (p parseError) Error() string { return string(p) }
var (
errContainsSlash = parseError("slash in path element")
errInvalidMsgType = parseError("invalid message type")
errInvalidQidType = parseError("invalid type field in qid")
errInvalidUTF8 = parseError("string is not valid utf8")
errLongAname = parseError("aname field too long")
errLongError = parseError("error message too long")
errLongFilename = parseError("file name too long")
errLongSize = parseError("size field is longer than actual message size")
errLongLength = parseError("long length field in stat structure")
errLongStat = parseError("stat structure too long")
errLongUsername = parseError("uid or gid name is too long")
errLongVersion = parseError("protocol version string too long")
errMaxOffset = parseError("Maximum offset exceeded")
errMaxWElem = parseError("maximum walk elements exceeded")
errNullString = parseError("NUL in string field")
errOverSize = parseError("size of field exceeds size of message")
errShortStat = parseError("stat structure too short")
errTooBig = parseError("message is too long")
errTooSmall = parseError("message is too small")
errUnderSize = parseError("empty space in message")
errZeroLen = parseError("zero-length message")
// ErrMaxSize is returned during the parsing process if a message
// exceeds the maximum size negotiated during the Tversion/Rversion
// transaction.
var ErrMaxSize = errors.New("message exceeds msize")