WordPress project set-up tools. Bashtastic!
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WordPress tools


A fork of linepress WP-Tools.

The main difference is that I minimize extra config folders and files. And add options local and production options. The project is very customizable.

Requirements and Assumptions

This script assumes you're using OSX and WP-CLI. WP-CLI itself doesn't work well with MAMP out of the box, so if you're using homebrew or a self compiled set-up of PHP/MYSQL you'll probably be fine.


Execute in terminal setup.sh and follow the instructions.


  1. Run the script from a folder where you'd like your dev site to live.
  2. Name the project. Slug is used throughout the build in your theme, function prefixes, etc.
  3. Optionally connect it to a private BB repo.

alt text

  1. Automatically builds local DB based on given inputs.
  2. Installs latest version of WP via WP-CLI.
  3. Creates a local-config file and modifies wp-config credentials if given for "live credentials".

alt text

  1. Installs developer plugins. ACF, Developer, WP_Debug, etc. If you fork this project you can easily change the ones I've chosen.
  2. Optionally (recommended) installs and activates a custom _s theme. This theme generates Title, description, and prefixes all functions. Saving tons of initial work.

alt text