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Content for "Wrangling data in the Tidyverse" - a tutorial given at useR! 2018
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Wrangling data in the Tidyverse - useR! 2018 tutorial

This repo is an R project of the material used at useR! 2018 for the tutorial, "Wrangling data in the Tidyverse"


Download this repo to get the slides in HTML format. The slides can be found together in, or you can individually knit the original RMarkdown files contained in each directory starting slides-.


The tutorial uses two data sets stored as .csv files in the data directory.


Thank you to the useR! 2018 organising committee for having and helping me to give this workshop. Thank you to for also helping me to attend useR! 2018, and to everyone there who gave me feedback on earlier iterations of this workshop and helped me prepare this open-access version.

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