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Content Management System (CMS) and Progressive Web App (PWA) for Infoclinic
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Based on

Server Side Rendered / Code Split React + Wordpress REST API - built by Keen

Global requirements

  • Node 10+
  • WP CLI
  • Node Foreman
  • Composer
  • yarn

Initial setup

Install dependencies & Wordpress setup

  1. Install dependencies with composer install
  2. Setup DB composer run-script infoclinic-install

Setup env

  1. cp .env.example .env and edit it
  2. Find Wordpress salts here
  3. cd client && cp .env.example .env and edit it

env Explanation

  1. STAGE - development || production used for CORS setup
  2. DB_* - Wordpress DB settings
  3. Wordpress salt keys
  4. DEPLOY_* - setup for deployer
  5. FB_SERVER_KEY - Firebase key for Cloud messaging
  1. REACT_APP_API_URL - CMS URL to send API requests
  2. REACT_APP_FB_* - Firebase keys
  3. REACT_APP_GA - Google Analytics key

Run server

Start server with Node Foreman nf start

Wordpress setup

  1. Visit http://localhost:8080 and login with admin and password
  2. Activate plugins and rest-api theme.
  3. Add a new page called Home, set it to use the Home page template, and then set it as your front page in the Settings -> Reading -> Your homepage displays section
  4. Change Permalinks to the 'Custom Structure' option and enter /post/%postname%/
  5. Update your Site Address within Settings -> General to your SSR app (default: http://localhost:1337)
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