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"github" and "heroku" remotes setup as follows:

git remote add github git remote add heroku

Your .gitconfig is set to automatically rebase on pull:

[branch] autosetuprebase = always

Checkout the "develop" branch and create a new feature branch including the tracker ID

git checkout develop
git checkout -b 'features/my-new-feature-12345'

Work on your branch, periodically committing and rebasing on develop

git commit -am 'Added some changes'
git checkout develop
git pull
git checkout features/my-new-feature-12345
git rebase develop

When done, push your branch to Github and create a pull request

git checkout features/my-new-feature-12345
git push github features/my-new-feature-12345

Optionally respond to any pull request feedback, and push again to Github

git commit -am 'Responded to feedback'
git push github features/my-new-feature-12345

When everything looks good, merge the pull request at Github, OR:

git checkout develop
git merge --no-ff features/my-new-feature-12345
git push github develop

To deploy, merge develop into master and push to Heroku:

git checkout master
git merge develop
git push origin heroku
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